About me

What a fantastic job I have! I’ve been painting for over fifteen years now and every painting or drawing really makes my heart beat faster. It is awesome to go through the process from a first meeting, when some clients know exactly what they want while others let me paint whatever I come up with. When I drive home after such a meeting, my head is working overtime. I can’t wait to start sketching.

I enjoy working for clients who want something out of the box. Something really cool, not too prudential, but daring and bold.

My work is so satisfying! I have been able to rejoice many clients in the past.

Have a look at the reviews to see how nice their reactions to my work are.


  • – Painter, entrepreneur and bon vivant
  • – Lives in Zwolle
  • – Trained: applied design and teacher of visual arts
  • – Proud owner of: a fine talent, a dog and a cat!
  • – What makes her happy: unexpected beautiful things, the sun and good food
  • – Doesn’t like to paint: people
  • – Favorite theme to paint: flowers and plants

Are you looking for a special interior? Do you have an awesome idea?

Or do you have an ugly bare wall somewhere that you need my help with?

Contact me and let me know what I can do for you. Don’t be afraid to ask, I like challenges. I like to paint and i don’t care what and on what surface.