Street Art in Zwolle

In 2018 I was in New York and I slept in Brooklyn. I gaped at all the awesome murals that can be found on every street corner. I went home with a plan; a mega mural in every district in Zwolle.
We are now a few years further and now the Proud Walls Foundation is a fact and we are a team of 6 enthusiastic ladies. We are true terriers when it comes to public art; nice and fierce and tenacious, not aggressive, but very pleasant! We are fighting for high-quality murals in Zwolle’s streets and have already realized the first six works. Two more will be added in the coming months.

Zwolle is a creative city with an enormous wealth of art and culture. We want to show that in the streets of Zwolle.

Take a look at the site of Trotse Muren (Proud Walls) to see what we’ve done so far.


  • Only high-quality art, for which you cycle ‘around the block’.
  • We want to show the PRIDE of the people of Zwolle.
  • We therefore ask for the opinion of the neighborhood in special Mural Café meetings
  • Only the best muralists can participate in the Proud Walls
  • Of course there is also room for young talent
  • We have considerable capacity from the Municipality, Real Estate and Welfare
  • After at least 200 cups of coffee, we are eager to dip the brushes in the paint!
  • You will find much more information on the Proud Walls website

Do you have special wishes for your interior or exterior? Do you have a cool idea?

Or do you have an ugly bare wall somewhere that you need my help for?

Contact me and let me know what I can do for you. Don’t be afraid to ask, I like challenges. I like to paint and I don’t care what and on what surface.