Of course, I could tell you all about my work,
but it might be more valuable what others think of it.

The contact and the conversations with my clients is what I appreciate a lot. I try to convert their wishes into a fantastic work of art that they are very happy with. It makes my work is so satisfying. Take a look at the reviews below to see how nice the reactions to my work are:

The cupboard doors are in and it really looks great! I’m just very happy with it!! The kids and my husband love it too. Thanks again!


It turned out really beautiful. Thank you!!

Els Evenboer

Lonneke made a mural at our pool. The pool is in use a couple of years now and it still looks great! We are still very happy with the mural. We still use the pool every day, it’s really lovely!

Marijke & Brugt, Gerbrich, Bouke, Hedwich en Elske

Lonneke made a mural in my bedroom!. I wanted graffiti. Now I have a dragon above my bed. Exactly as I wanted. Just like real graffiti! I think he’s beautiful. The dragon just seems to glow. super cool!

Ivar, 14 jaar

At the beginning of 2011, Lonneke made the first mural in our home, in our daughter’s room. We only had a very basic idea and she came up with a beautiful design in a beautiful style and beautiful colors. She then painted her design very nicely on the wall. Her approach was very professional and she worked quick. With the now expected arrival of a boy’s twins, it was obvious to have such a beautiful mural painted for them, too. Also this time, Lonneke has handled it very well. The design was very neatly set up in consultation and she had good tips about what is and what is not wise and looks good on our walls. In short, we are very happy with the two murals that adorn our children’s rooms. We highly recommended you ask Lonneke for a mural.


Lonneke painted the wall in my garden with cornflowers. I am very happy with the result, it turned out really beautiful and exactly what we had discussed beforehand.

Positives: quality, professionalism, responsiveness, punctuality, high value


The craftsmanship that Lonneke brought to our home still pleases us every day. She has a very professional communication, she is punctual and gives good consultation about the designs. We have employed her several times when we wanted to add something in the house. Highly recommended!

Qualities: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Punctuality

Denian and Bianca

What a talent..!

I made a nice picture of my husband and son, but it was real poor quality. So it was not possible to enlarge. Lonneke has painted the photo beautifully and the painting has been given a place of honor in our living room. It is very clever how she managed to paint the silhouettes of my husband and son so strikingly, you recognize them from thousands!

I’ve seen a lot of Lonneke’s beautiful work, but ours is a favorite. We enjoy it every day!


In spring of 2009 Lonneke painted our oldtimer (Fiat 500)) on the garage door. I had made a small photo, which Lonneke worked out in detail. The result has become truly astonishing. More beautiful than I could have hoped. Ratio of craftsmanship / price: 10 out of 10. Widely positive reactions. The painting has now been on for more than 2 years, no sign of deterioration, fading or the like. In short, definitely worth a recommendation.


Lonneke has made a beautiful mural for our daughter in the nursery. We gave her a design which we wanted and Lonneke executed it very nicely. We enjoy it every day! Highly recommended for any mural!

Karin en Henk-Jan

Lonneke has made two great paintings in my practice in Uden. Lonneke is professional, works neatly and, above all, thinks along well in what is appropriate. I would definitely recommend her!

Maaike Dortmans, Praktijk Gezellig Stralen

Lonneke painted three beautiful flamingos in our daughter’s room. In various shades of pink. The mural gives the room a real nice atmosphere. Lonneke is very pleasant to deal with and also reliable. With her work she makes a difference in your interior.


Painting for a huge variety of clients I gained a lot of experience with designing and painting on all kinds of different objects and surfaces. In my portfolio you can see examples of murals that I have made on behalf of companies and private individuals.

You’ll see that I do nearly everything. It’s not too crazy for me, as long as I can paint.